A Unique Conference

In our week together, we seek to encourage brethren and sisters to study the Scriptures, to try to understand our Lord and His mission. However, the conference is much more than this. It is a time we spend together in fellowship, away from the world and its influence in our daily lives. It is a time when, through meditation, prayer and the peaceful atmosphere of the centre, the Lord through His word ‘speaks a word in season unto the weary’ – those who come to Him seeking rest.

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A Wonderful Venue

Lane End Conference Centre is conveniently situated just off the M40. It boasts both en-suite and standard bedrooms as well as dedicated conference facilities in which to hold our talks. We are very blessed to have use of the extensive grounds and highly rated dining facilities, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your time away from the world and in the presence of God.

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” This was my first visit and I can highly recommend it to anyone on their own who feels they would be lost or lonely in a Family Bible School. As this is a much smaller group of brethren and sisters only, it is very homely and the Centre caters for everyone’s needs.

” A fantastic weekend at a truly wonderful venue. The bedrooms are lovely, the food is tasty and the conference rooms are really light and comfortable. We look forward to revisiting the Christadelphian Conference next year.