How It All Started

In August 1964, nearly one hundred brethren and sisters met for a week-long Bible Conference in Lincoln College, Oxford University. It was from this initial venue that the name ‘The Oxford Conference’ arose and it was kept for many years, even though the venue often changed. More recently it has become ‘The Christadelphian Conference’ but the objectives of the gathering have remained unchanged – to provide an occasion for brethren and sisters to share in worship, prayer and study at a tranquil location, away from the distractions of daily life.

In recent years the Conference has met at Lane End Conference Centre, High Wycombe, a purpose built conference centre set in twenty six acres of parkland and which can accommodate just over 100 attendees. Because of its small size, the Conference has a family atmosphere making it easy to get know everyone and to belong.

The Conference begins at 4 pm on Monday and concludes at 1 pm on Saturday after a Breaking of Bread followed by lunch.

A Typical Day In The Programme

7.40 am  –  Meditation
8.00 am  –  Breakfast
9.00 am  –  First study
10.00 am  –  Break
10.15 am  –  Second study
11.15 am  –  Coffee break
12.00-12.50 pm  –  Group discussion on the daily readings
1.00 pm  –  Lunch then free time until 4.45pm with:-
3.15 pm  –  Optional informal singing
4.15 pm  –  Tea/Coffee
4.45 pm  –  Third study
6.30 pm  –  Dinner
8.00 pm  –  Evening activity
9.00 pm  –  Supper drinks
9.15-10.00 pm  –  Informal discussion on the day’s studies

Things To Do

Afternoons provide time to sit and chat, to walk around the grounds, in the nearby woods or simply to rest. The book-room is open and a variety of books and cards are on sale. On Thursday mornings we aim to have different sessions, often on practical topics, sometimes interactive. In the past, these have included Music in Worship, Living with a Biblical Conscience, Valuing our Differences and Medical Ethics and the Bible.

In the afternoon, some choose an organised trip, others organise their own activities. Evening activities are more practical or light hearted such as information on our welfare organisations and preaching work, the wonders of God’s creation or items with a musical flavour, such as ‘Desert Island Hymns’ or ‘Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs’.

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